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Thursday, June 22, 2017

USA: David Benoit , Marc Antoine- So Nice! (2017)

So Nice!
The historic meeting of 2 contemporary jazz giants! These trailblazing artists have scored more than 25 #1 Smooth Jazz radio hits, sold over 2 million albums and toured the world over for more than 20 years! A perfect blending of these great artist's instrumental styles, So Nice! Combines the cool grooves of Smooth Jazz with the exotic sensuosity of Brazilian music, and the result is pure magic. Highlights include Antonio Carlos Jobim's classic samba "So Danco Samba," the popular international favorite "So Nice" and eight inspired Benoit/Antoine originals! The rst single, the funky "Caminando," will be worked to the Smooth Jazz format along with extensive touring in support of the album.

USA: Ken Powe - Misinformation Age (2017)


I dedicate this album to my dear mother, who passed away December 2016. The music contained in this album is a reflection of the different moods I feel in life moments living in these times--puzzlement, spirituality, eroticism, indignation...pretty much the full range of being human. The album's title reflects the impact the zeitgeist of a divided country has on an artist, and what results is what you hear as you hit "play" and experience all 12 stages. I use more synths and artificial orchestration in this work than I did in "Conception," but I was very careful to produce something unique and pleasing in doing so. People who know and enjoy my keyboard style will not be disappointed!

USA: ALEXIS PARSONS QUARTET Appearing at Jazz At Kitano Wednesday, July 5th Two Sets: 8p & 10p

66 Park Ave, New York, NY 10016
(212) 885-7119
$17 Cover - $20 minimum
Tickets & Info

Reservations suggested
"Alexis Parsons" - List of Best CD's of 2012
by DownBeat Magazine - January 2013
"All these songs of love have their anchor in the paradoxical world reflected  by Alexis Parsons’ self-titled series of tomes on the theme of conflicted, difficult arrangements (Self Release; 40:35 ★★★★).

Accompanied by pianist Frank Kimbrough, the bloom’s off as Parsons delivers an unmannered “The Winter Of My Discontent,” followed by a wistful look back with “Hello Young Lovers,” only to be followed up by a rare, upbeat swinger with “Just Squeeze Me.” The mood is melancholic, as the more seasoned Parsons’ breathy, desultory delivery reminds us that love is not a game to be entered into lightly."

By John Ephland - "Sirens of Today" - DownBeat Magazine
"....she deserves as much credit for her storytelling abilities as she does for her singing.  She inhabits these songs as if they represent her very being, making Alexis Parsons an alluring listen from start to finish."

By Dan Bilawsky - All About Jazz 

"...she puts everything on the line with a piano and voice recording that would leave the less experienced artist fully exposed and ripe for a potentially critical cyber autopsy..."

By Brent Black - @

USA: Award-winning jazz guitarist Frank Piombo follows his dream to “Keep It Movin’”

Description: Description: C:\Users\Dell User\Documents\Frank Piombo\Frank Piombo Keep It Movin'CD Cover Art.jpg
Award-winning jazz guitarist Frank Piombo follows his dream to “Keep It Movin’”

Passion and optimism permeate the songs he wrote for his fourth album, coming August 4.

VERONA (15 June 2017): It’s been a steady upward trajectory for jazz guitarist Frank Piombo ever since he issued his debut album, “Smooth Reminiscence,” independently in 2010. The New Jersey-based musician sold enough units to be ReverbNation’s No. 1 jazz artist in the Garden State for three straight years while cultivating a growing fan base in the New York Metropolitan area via his live performances. This past April, he hit the red carpet in Hollywood and went home with three statues from the Indie Music Channel Awards for three tracks from his upcoming fourth album, “Keep It Movin’,” providing the perfect launch pad for the new set. Piombo wrote six songs for the disc arriving August 4, and produced and arranged the record with Joe Arminio and Tom Jacobsen.

Perhaps it’s inherent in the culture from which he was spawned, but the Rome, Italy-reared Piombo imbues a sense of quixotic romance and passion into his spirited melodies and sultry grooves on “Keep It Movin’.”  The title track, which won him the Best Male Jazz Artist title at the IMC Awards, is as optimistic and chirpy as they come. Illuminated by Michael Mahadeen’s whimsical flute and sax flourishes, the record opens with the instrumental version garnering international airplay and closes with a vocal rendition featuring empowering lyrics sung by Arminio. The placid “Al Dente (Tino’s Theme)” earned Piombo the Best Easy Listening Song award, a cut on which his cool electric jazz guitar humbly yields the fore to snappy flute, sax and keyboard solos. Piombo & Company ratchet up the tension on “Sunset Beach,” a steamy nocturnal number. That theme continues on “Middle Of The Night,” a track bolstered by Sam Hankins’ heated trumpet explorations that scored the Best Easy Listening Artist victory from the IMC Awards. Nominated for Best Jazz Recording, saxophonist Tony Exum Jr. trades soulful jabs with Piombo on “Rush Hour Funk.” Rich authentic Italian sensibilities mesh with improvisational jazz riffing and a robust R&B beat on the charming “Sogno D’Amore.” Piombo’s crisp guitar etchings thrive in the straight-ahead jazz setting of “Easin’ Up.”                    

“The music I wrote for ‘Keep It Movin’” represents an appreciation for the journey of life – the distant past and present as well as everything in between and the unknown possibilities ahead. The powerful message is remain focused, do what makes your heart smile and inspire others to follow their dream,” said the positive-minded Piombo, who was born in Tripoli, Libya.

Piombo hopes the pre-release accolades earned by his first album since 2013’s “The Night Speaks” will help expose his music to a larger audience. To further his mission, he has a pair of New Jersey concert dates booked in August in support of the album release. Two days prior to “Keep It Movin’’s” arrival, he will take the outdoor stage as part of the Essex County Summer Music Concert Series in Verona on August 2. A couple weeks after the album streets, Piombo will play Trumpets Jazz Club in nearby Montclair on August 19. An outdoor show in Viterbo, Italy is in the planning stages for October. For more information, please visit www.FrankPiombo.com.

“Keep It Movin’” contains the following songs:

“Keep It Movin’” featuring Michael Mahadeen
“Al Dente (Tino’s Theme)” featuring Rod Williams and Michael Mahadeen
“Sunset Beach” featuring Rod Williams
“Middle Of The Night” featuring Sam Hankins
“Rush Hour Funk” featuring Tony Exum Jr.
“Sogno D’Amore” featuring Joe Arminio
“Easin’ Up (Remix)”
“Keep It Movin’ (Vocal)” featuring Joe Arminio

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

USA: Positone Records: new music release: Farnell Newton "Back To Earth"

new music release:

Farnell Newton "Back To Earth"

Another new face on the scene.

Today is the worldwide release of "Back To Earth," the new album by Farnell Newton, featuring some of the top musicians in the Pacific Northwest. Thanks for listening!
Everything is coming ”Back to Earth” when trumpet player extraordinaire Farnell Newton steps onto the jazz scene with his first record for Posi-Tone. This hard hitting session also features the inspired playing and cool comping of Greg Goebel on piano, the steady underpinning of Dylan Sundstrom on bass, the bombastic metrics of Christopher Brown on drums, and the inspired playing of wunderkind Kyle Molitor on trombone. Melodies are the message, and all the song selections are definitely straight forward, while always remaining elegantly lyrical and brilliantly evocative of a more modern jazz sensibility. With an amazing combination of talent, brilliant performances, and an exciting program of music, including several amazing new original compositions, Farnell Newton’s latest record "Back to Earth" is sure to bring bright moments to jazz fans everywhere. 
links to music:


check out what the press is saying:



The McCoy Tyner Tribute Quartet July 4th Explosive Concert

Band personnel: Juini Booth leader/bass, Roy McCurdy drums, piano Benito Gonzalez, Azar Lawrence saxophones, guest jazz poet, Robert J. Carmack …

JULY 4th 2017 8pm- 10PM only


Tixs: $10 advance $12 at door

Zebulon, 2478 Fletcher Drive.(323) 662-0966 (club only)

Hipster Sanctuary
An Enclave for the Serious Music Lover of Jazz,Blues & Soul

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

USA: New Release: Simon Sammut Crossing

A journey through music and visual art – this is what Crossing, the new album by Simon Sammut offers the listener. Actually, rather than just an album, Crossing is more of a project, one that seeks to blend space, form, beauty and colour into one multi-dimensional artistic creation that explores the different types of ‘crossings’ that exist around us – physical, psychological and beyond.

Following the first album
 ‘Bassic Attitudewhich was launched in 2011, Simon Sammut is back with another album  which comes from an altogether different place than Bassic Attitude, as reflected in its fluid texture and inspiration.

The musical score and complimentary paintings are based on a common theme of ‘crossing’. Essentially it is about crossing barriers or boundaries whether they are physical or geographical, intellectual or psychological with reference to particular moments in history, a story or cognitive state . The project touches upon a number of topical subjects, such as migration, mental health, technology, environment and diversity.

Crossing is available as CD from
www.simonsammut.com and CD Baby and as digital download form CD Baby and iTunes.

Further Info:

Music Composed by Simon Sammut
Visual Art by Anthony Catania
Artistic Associate - Tony Sammut
Artistic Advisor - Kevin Abela
Co-producer/ Technical Advisor – Melchior Busuttil

Featuring the following musicians:
Tony Sammut - Piano
Mark Attard - Piano
Melchior Busuttil - Drums, Percussion and Programming
Marc Galea - Classical & Electric Guitars
Jonathan Ellul - Electric Guitars
Kris Spiteri - Melodica
Kevin Abela - Trumpet
Ivan Borg - Tenor Saxophone
Godfrey Mifsud - Baritone Saxophone
Jesmond Azzopardi - Bass Trombone
Marlene Sammut - Voice
Simon Sammut - Upright Bass and Electric basses

website: www.simonsammut.com
facebook: www.facebook.com/simonsamuut/
email: info@simonsammut.com

AUSTRALIA: Jimmy Whelan-The Northern Gate(2017)

Jimmy Whelan's long anticipated debut album 'The Northern Gate' is a collection of modern jazz 'stories' that paint a 10 year journey between West and East from asian jazz clubs to fatherhood.
Featuring some of Australia's finest musicians;
Jimmy Whelan - Alto Saxophone
Greg Coffin - Piano
Brett Hirst - Bass
Nic Cecire - Drums

USA/AUSTRIA: Ulrike Ritzinger -Oh, Lady Be Good(2017)

Educated as a classical pianist in Austria, Ulrike Ritzinger has soon been intrigued by the music of Gershwin and Scott Joplin, and over time became more and more attracted to Jazz. Convinced that a thorough study of the American Boogie Woogie and Blues pianists of the 20ties, 30ties and 40ties is fundamental for understanding Jazz music she decided to study with the Austrian Boogie and Blues master Hannes Otahal. The album 'Oh, Lady Be Good' represents a charming and well considered selection of famous piano tunes of that period, performed on a Fazioli grand and beautifully emphasized by the award-winning sound engineer Michael Bishop.

USA: Dave Liebman/Joe Lovano-Compassion - The Music Of John Coltrane(2017)

Product Details

Now approaching the 50th anniversary of Coltrane's passing, Compassion is a fitting tribute to his legacy. Featuring Dave Liebman, Joe Lovano, Billy Hart, Phil Markowitz, and Ron McClure - these recordings cover the various periods of Trane's life. The early period by the altered blues 'Locomotion,' and mid period ethnic-influenced 'Olé' and 'Equinox.' The later years by the rare 'Reverend King' and 'Compassion' from the Meditations album.

Monday, June 19, 2017

USA: Bill Evans-Another Time: The Hilversum Concert(2017)

Another Time: The Hilversum Concert
Another Time: The Hilversum Concert is a rare, never-before-issued recording of the legendary Bill Evans trio featuring bassist Eddie Gomez and drummer Jack DeJohnette captured live at the Netherlands Radio Union (NRU) Studios in Hilversum on June 22, 1968. This is only the third known recording in existence of this particular trio, who only performed together as a trio for a 6-month period in 1968, and was originally recorded and broadcast on the radio program Jazz in Actie by Dutch producer Joop de Roo. For the audiophile, this is possibly the best sounding live recording of Bill Evans found to date, captured with the then state-of-the-art equipment of the NRU, and kept in pristine condition over the years. On the heels of 2016's landmark Evans discovery, Some Other Time: The Lost Session from the Black Forest, which was recorded a mere two days prior to this Hilversum date in 1968, Resonance has struck gold again with yet another unearthed gem from the iconic pianist Bill Evans. Another Time is being officially released in conjunction with the Bill Evans Estate and the musicians, and the deluxe CD features rare photos by Chuck Stewart, Lee Tanner and Tom Copi; an expansive 36-page liner note book with essays by acclaimed author Marc Myers, noted Dutch jazz journalist Bert Vuijsje, Resonance producer Zev Feldman; plus interviews with Eddie Gomez, Jack DeJohnette, esteemed pianist Steve Kuhn and more.

USA: Hot Club of Las Vegas-Hamajang!(2014)

Hot Club of Las Vegas | Hamajang!


Hamajang (hamma-jang) in Pidgin English means: Messed up, criss-cross, all kine directions, all jam up

After our last cd Summer Score we had a bunch of leftover songs and arrangements. Some of them just didn’t fit the theme of Summer Score, and some of them we did not have the budget to do the song justice. Like the title track song “Summer Score.” (which is a cross between gypsy jazz and Broadway)…. In pre production for this new cd I realized that the leftover  songs and the new compositions went in many different genre directions. But as a band we were excited about the music so we ran with it!  Collectively we called this cd the “Hamajang Project” until a better title revealed itself. 

Every song is firmly rooted in our “Vegas Style” gypsy jazz  but infused with each member’s unique musical history, featuring genres like, Rock, Flamenco, Rhythm and Blues, Pop, and Progressive Rock.  All led by our inspired Cuban vocalist Noybel Gorgoy. Also for the first time we are using all the male band members on background vocals and a few surprise lead vocals!  We were excited to work with resources like the fantastically large CSN studio which allowed us room to record the whole band and even a small orchestra-making it possible to record and  remake songs like Joe Satriani’s “Always With Me, Always With You.”  And yes!- the title track from our last cd- Summer Score is now on this cd! This cd journey’ has been fun and crazy…and it can only be called “Hamajang!” - Mundo


USA: Chris Greene Chicago Reader Best of Chicago Nomination + Upcoming Live Appearances

Chris Greene
Chicago Reader Best of Chicago Nomination
"Best Jazz Band Categor

CGQ kicks off the month of June with some of great dates in the western & northern suburbs. We also make our debut at a great new room in Iowa!

Dates below are with the full Quartet unless otherwise specified.

Friday & Saturday, June 9 & 10
Pete Millers'
1557 Sherman Ave.
Evanston, IL
7:00 - 11:00 PM

Thursday, June 15
CG & Damian Espinosa (duo)

WDCB's Jazz Thursdays
535 W. Liberty
Wheaton, IL
7:00 to 10:00 PM

Saturday, June 17
1326 N. Walnut St.
Des Moines, IA
7:00 to 10:00 PM
HERE for tickets.

Sunday, June 18
Custer Fair
Main St & Chicago Ave.
Evanston, IL
4:00 to 5:00 PM
 here for more information.

Saturday, June 24
CG with Damian Espinosa and Marc Piane (trio)

Angelo's Wine Bar
3026 W. Montrose Ave.
Chicago, IL
8:30 to 11:30 PM

Wednesday, June 28

Whiskey Thief Tavern
616 Davis St.
Evanston, IL
8:00 to 10:00 PM

Check Out The Latest CD From CGQ 


Sunday, June 18, 2017

USA: The Bill O’Connell Latin Jazz All-Stars at the Nyack CenterFriday, June 23 8:00 PM

Media Contact
Jim Eigo Jazz Promo Services

Ph: 845-986-1677 /

"Specializing in Media Campaigns for the music community, artists, labels, venues and events.”

JazzWorldQuest : Modern Trumpet Jazz Musician T-shirt

Mens Modern Trumpet Jazz Musician T-shirt 2XL Asphalt 
  • Solid colors: 100% Cotton; Heather Grey: 90% Cotton, 10% Polyester; All Other Heathers: 65% Cotton, 35% Polyester
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USA: Akinmusire - A Rift In Decorum: Live At The Village Vanguard (2017)

A Rift In Decorum: Live At The Village Vanguard [2 CD]CD1
01. Maurice & Michael (sorry i didn't say hello) (Live)12:29
02. Response (Live)05:37
03. Moment in between the rest (to curve an ache)(Live)09:42
04. Brooklyn (ODB) (Live)09:45
05. A song to exhale (diver song) (Live)06:41
06. Purple (Intermezzo) (Live)02:03
07. Trumpet Sketch (milky pete) (Live)14:20

08. Taymoor's World (Live)10:31
09. First Page (Shabnam's poem) (Live)07:46
10. H.A.M.S (in the spirit of honesty) (Live)05:12
11. Piano Sketch (Sam intro) (Live)03:31
12. Piano Sketch (beyond enclosure) (Live)04:48
13. Condor (Harish intro) (Live)02:14
14. Condor (Live)05:48
15. Withered (Live)08:26
16. Umteyo (Live)07:37

Ambrose Akinmusire (trumpet),Sam Harris (piano), Harish Raghavan (bass) , Justin Brown (drums).